Quarter 4 2018 Artwork Maya Kohl

For quarter four we were asked to complete a figure drawing, a line drawing, a digital drawing, a space drawing, a texture drawing, a value drawing and an elements drawing. For the figure drawing I had been getting really into playing frisbee, I remember when that assignment was given I had been having so much fun so I was inspired to make my figure a female frisbee player, inspired by SLA’s team itself. For the line drawing I enjoyed using shading. I chose a butterfly because I think they’re so pretty and they represent spring and I was also just so happy for it to be warm. For my digital drawing i had never done any type of art using technology in such ways so it was all pretty new to me, it took me a while to figure out how to make the website that was provided. I chose circles because they’re my favorite shape, they have no end, and I chose some of my favorite colors to overlap and create diversity within them and I really enjoyed that. For my space drawing I went simple for a depth illusion, I wanted it to look like it was going deeper and deeper, I used a sharp black so the color shading of the pencil grey would create depth. For the texture drawing I chose to draw my favorite flower, which is a rose. I loved shading the petals to give the rose more realistic aspects. And for the value drawing I chose to draw a pear including its shadows and shading, and a drawing of a dead bird I had seen on the street, I thought it looked at peace. For the bird I also enjoyed shading. For the element drawing I wanted to include some of everything we learned this year combined into an abstracted piece of work. I used color and shading and value for depth. On the side I included a texture pattern that looks like fish scales. I learned a lot this year in distinguishing what type of drawings are what I wouldn't have ever thought before there was much of s difference in texture then shading or just regular lines with a pencil. I thought the assignments were very nice. I enjoyed almost all of these assignments i felt as if i could explore while being specific.