Quarter 4 benchmark - 1st benchmark

The first benchmark of our English class was Macbeth Creative Character Development, for this project we had to create a piece that shows one of the characters growth throughout the book. Quotes followed by explanations of the quotes will help you understand the change.

Jessica Maiorano

Lady Macbeth


Thesis: Lady Macbeth was a controlling and confident person in the beginning by the end she was a weak and guilty person.


Act 1 scene 5 Lady Macbeth is by herself talking to Macbeth even thought he is not there. Also thinking about what is happening. King Duncan and Macbeth are coming to the house for a dinner and she needs to get ready. (Act 1, scence 5, line 38, page 17)

Lady Macbeth has her time alone talking and she says “ Come you sprits that tend their mortal thought unsex me here.” What she is saying is that she is not afraid of Duncan. She wants to be stronger then Macbeth manlier. Lady Macbeth wants evil in her to keep her strong. Lady Macbeth is controlling she is going to do anything to succeed finish what she wanted to do.  She wants to me able to do what she wants not be afraid or feel guilty after.


In act 1 scene 5 Lady Macbeth is talking to Macbeth to tell him you have to be nice and innocent to the king and the quests. Lady Macbeth in (Act 1, scene, 5, line 24) says “Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.” This means that they need to nice to the king so they would not suspect anything that they are going to kill Duncan. The play she is now very confident in her plan wants it done and over with, with no problems. If they’re good at the dinner then they can proceed.


Lady Macbeth in act 1 scene 5 she is preparing for king Duncan he is arriving at the castle any minute to have a dinner. She doesn’t want to quit she needs to stay strong so she is able to do the murder. (Act 1 scene 5, line 42). Aside Lady Macbeth is talking and she says “ stop up the’ access and passage to remorse.” This quote from the play that she says means she can’t regret this. Lady Macbeth needs to be evil, mysterious and stay that way. In this scene is very important because this is lady Macbeth is powerful.


Lady Macbeth in Act 1, scene 7 lady Macbeth is talking Macbeth into killing Duncan. If Duncan dies Macbeth will be king and she is will be queen. Lady Macbeth is doing all she can to make him go through with this plan. (Act 1, scene 7, line 60) Lady Macbeth says, “ we fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail.” This means she is saying Macbeth needs to man up and do the plan. They will not fail there is nothing to worry about.  She explains everything to him and soon he agrees with her to go through with it. At this point lady Macbeth is feeling very confident in herself and is not scared.


In act 2 scenes 2 Macbeth has just killed king Duncan and is freaking out because he regrets it and feels guilty while Lady Macbeth is covering it up there is a level of panic in the room.  (Act 2-scene2, line 35) Lady Macbeth says “these deeds must not be thought after these ways so it will make us mad.” This means that they not repeat this to anyone it is a secret and if they talk about it, it will stay in their minds and drive them crazy which soon will happen to both but Macbeth isn’t as strong as lady Macbeth, his guilt will show more and earlier in the play. This shows Lady Macbeth will find a way to fix everything to make sure they are not caught and that is not spoken of again. Also lady Macbeth can put the guilt feeling aside at this point , which Macbeth cannot do.


In act 3 scene 1 king Duncan I dead and they are having another dinner but someone is missing. Macbeth was thinking that Banquo was going to get suppsious or try to take his position as king. Lady Macbeth is worried. Macbeth kills banquo (Act 3, scene 4 line 110) Lady Macbeth says, “ You have displaced the mirth, broke the good meeting with most admired disorder” The quote means that Macbeth killed banquo his close friend to stay king. He was supposed to be at that dinner but he is not. Macbeth sees his ghost and goes crazy then lady Macbeth is telling him he is wrong for what he did. Soon she starts to go crazy along with him.


In Act 3, scene 4 Lady Macbeth is talking to Macbeth and talking about how he killed Duncan because now he is killing everyone in his way of him not becoming king.  She says in (Act 3, scene 4, line 63) “ this is the air-drawn dagger which you said led you to Duncan O theses flaws and starts.” This quote means that what led him to kill Duncan is making him kill more and more people. He is killing then messing up which are his flaws then he starts over again. Lady Macbeth is trying to say stop, now her guilt isn’t showing because she is stronger but his is now showing a lot.


In Act five scene 1 lady Macbeth is sleep walking and is washing her hands to get the blood off from when Duncan was killed so she is not caught. Macbeth killed Duncan and when it was done she went and cleaned up. Lady Macbeth got blood all over her hands and could not get it off. (Act 5, scene 1, line 53, page 84). Lady Macbeth says, “ Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh oh!” This means the blood on lady Macbeths hands is gone but it will she thinks its there because what she did can not be undone, in her mind its still there and nothing will make it go away. This shows she is weak and cannot control what is happening.


In Act five scenes 1 the gentle woman was worried about lady Macbeth so she called a doctor. The doctor has seen lady Macbeth sleepwalking, washing her hands for a long amount of time, speaking to someone and the doctor is interested in what is wrong with her.  Also wants to determine why she is doing this. Aside the gentle women and the doctor are speaking to each other. (Act 5, scene 1, line 53, page 84). “ What a sigh is there. The heart is sorely charged.” This quote means that Lady Macbeth is finally showing her guilt and the truth. She wanted to kill but when it was done, in her mind she didn’t want it to happen. It didn’t show throughout the story but at this stage in the play Lady Macbeth did not choose to show it but in her sleep it came out. At this point the doctor is not sure what is going to happen to her.

That shoes that she is weak towards the end of the book.


In collusion Lady Macbeth has a major change during this play.  Seeing all the quotes and analyzing lady Macbeth through the story you can tell she’s fine in the beginning and broke down in the end. It came back and haunted her. Her plan did not turn out the way she wanted it to.