Quarter 4 Benchmark - Independent reading

For this we had to pick a book and do a creative project or a two page paper on the book like your opinion main points, what we should know about the book .

Jessica Maiorano

Book review


The book I read was I am an Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler. It is a national bestseller.  Bust Magazine loved the book also Seventeen Magazine thought it was not just a new must read book it is the start of a whole new movement. The Los Angeles times thought it was powerful.


This book is fictional monologues written by Eve Ensler inspired by teenage girls everywhere. It’s about girls who don’t fit in, have problems at home, or eating disorders everything a teenage girl can possibly go through. There are no main characters its just all about girls. The conflict in the book is that Eve Ensler wants everyone to be who they are and not be scared of it but the reader needs to finish the book and understand it to find out who they are. The theme I think that fits this book is be yourself no matter what. What I think the readers should take away from is book is that everyone has problems and if you have someone there for you or someone who has the same issue you can get through it and live your life happy.


I can relate to one of the monologues in the story that’s called The joke about my nose the reason I can relate to this is because I have a big nose and I was made fun of for it from some people and that is what was happening to the girl. To solve her problem she got a nose job and when it was over she realized that nose made her who she is.  I felt the same way she did trying to figure out that my nose was a part of me other people had to accept it.


I loved this book so much because Eve really tried to connect with the girls and the readers and I feel as though it worked for me and hopefully every other girl that read it.  Strengths about the book is that it was broken into sections which made it easy to read. Eve put girl facts after a couple of monologues to keep the reader interested in the topics. Also the part that I liked the most is the beginning before the book starts she wrote a letter to the readers and then an introduction I think that that made the book so much better.  I didn’t think there were any weaknesses in this book.

If I could change something about this book I would want to make it a sequel like the other books she published. 


I would recommend the book to girls especially. If you really like to learn about people around the world and what’s going on then it’s a good book for you. Also if you think you have something wrong with you read this book, it will help you out a lot.