Quarter 4 benchmark - reflection


This English school year I tried my best then messed up sometimes but now I know my mistakes and can help me in the future. Looking back at the year I grew as a writer and improved in other areas. Everyone is at different levels but no matter what if you put everything you can into the work you will get the grade you deserve.


My strengths in English are reading books and collaborating with others about the story.  My weakness in English is my process with the projects I wait until last minute or don’t stay focused in class but I think from the beginning of the school I have gotten better at that, also my spelling I want to work on my writing a lot more I am very creative and I think if I really try I can have great pieces of writing.


Going back and looking at my work Is funny also something that all students should do because you get to change things, know what you need to work on also remember your year. It’s funny because it’s like oh my god I wrote that or what was I thinking if its something that you didn’t think you would write or do. Some issues that occurred were my journal entries because my journal entries were not organized and fully done I went back and polished my journal entries. 


The piece I am most proud of is my Macbeth creative. I did a keynote with my own pictures and some from the Internet that show lady Macbeths journey. I feel as though I did my best on this project. What I wanted to do was make people understand her change through my own pictures and how I thought this the picture should be and others understanding it.  I worked on it whenever we had time to, I was focused.