Quarter 4 Blog Lukas Supovitz-Aznar

For my last blog of the year I started off with doing two drawings of a sculpture of a man. He is naked, so I just eye balled it at first, but did not really like the drawing so I gave it a second look. For the second look, I was more detailed in my drawing, and tried to capture the whole sculpture including all the details. For my 1st 4 hour drawing, I created a rainbow version of the sculpture. I really enjoyed my depiction of the drawing. It reminded me of a obscure, and abstract sculpture. For my second 4 hour art piece, I painted spongebob, using a lot of colors to try to draw him correctly. I did not really like my first attempt at drawing spongebob, So for my third 4 hour art piece I attempted to re-do the painting. For the last 4 hour art piece I got all of spongebob's details. From his tie, to his strips on his socks. I am very proud of what I created this year in art class, and feel like I have grown as a artist, as well as a art consumer. I am better