Quarter four Tyler Creighton art !

For the fourth quarter we were given about 6 sculptress to complete. Instead of ms Hull checking the work in the end she checked it week by week. Or every two classes. There was no designated order in which we had to go in so I took it upon my own hands to go in my own order I chose what I thought would be the most complicated to do first then the least complicated to do last. I feel like all of my work had a lot of effort and commitment. My skills improved by a lot and grown amazingly in this last quarter in all of the art areas. By taking my creativity and directing it in different fields I Believe my art is now something I can call my own. 

In the first picture I chose to do abstract motion I chose to draw a ballerina and how he tutu moves by the way she spins. What inspired me to do this is my passion for dance. I am a dancer. It took me quiet some time to make this drawing and many of times I was using the earased more than the charcoal. I didn't out as much effort into it as I did my other drawing because it wasn't going the way I saw it in my head but I feel I did a pretty good job. 
In this second picture I did abstract and I was inspired by my thoughts in this picture. It took me two class periods and a half to complete this. The reason it took me so long was because I used oil pastels . I put a lot of effort in this piece . I feel I deserve a lot of credit from it . This piece shows my passion for color and life and somehow it explains my life CRAZY! 
In this third picture it focuses on abstract emotion. It might be pretty confusing but when I did this piece I thought of different things I like and how they make me feel inside. The fish shows my freedom and inside it shows how happy I am and how my mind is every where and colorful. When I thought about this painting I thought about life in general! It took me a while to do this and the tools I used were colored charcoal. The messiness shows how much of a mess life can be and the white shows the blankness (I that makes sense) 
In this picture it is an observation drawing. I had to look at pictures of the mutter muesem and  find a flower that caught my eye and 
Draw an up close drawing of it. I chose a really small yellow flower and drew and up close drawing of it and the vines around it. 
These are just extra projects I decided to do