Quran Riddick Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to put my money where my mouth was. Just talking about making a change to friends and giving them my ideas was just to little I could do. Connecting racial inequality to my favorite sports seemed to show perfect timing as many stars that play the game are using their organization’s spotlight to create awareness. My first thought was I needed to create something that could be accessible to the public in and outside of my school. This would allow me to have a wide audience and a diversity of perspectives. This is my reasoning for choosing to make a website. However, I just didn’t want to create another typical website. My ultimate goal for my website was to be informational, yet energetic and interesting. Tell stories, give visual content, and much more to allow my members to be informed on an issue that has been affecting the world for centuries. To top it off, I put time into creating my slogan. SPEAK, SHOUT, & SHOW or #SSS! While working on this project throughout the year, I was educated more on the steps taken by the great men and women back in time who fought for the rights I am appreciative to have now that unfortunately they didn’t possess. I hope everyone can learn a thing or two from viewing my website. #SSS!!

Website Link: https://qriddick.wixsite.com/socialchangeinsports


PBS, Public Broadcasting Service,”WHYY”  www.pbs.org/kenburns/jackie-robinson/.

After reading and watching some videos on this source, I came to a conclusion that

can be a reliable source because this can be a good example going off my essential

question. I can use certain quotes from Jackie Robinson and this educate me deeply

on what’s exactly he had to deal with as a black man in a white man’s sport and even

deeper than that, a white man’s world. This source provides sort of a timeline as well

which will contribute to my website’s organization and when I’m comparing what

happened back in time compared to modern times.

The Soccer World Goes to South Africa: Sport and the Making of Modern Africa | Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective,


This source is a great example of how sports creates awareness and social change is

big in sports. Because of the celebrities having so much popularity and attention

surrounding them it makes their comments on issues greater as a wider audience

listens in. There are movements made throughout the sports which I can include on

my section of how to continue improvements and the change from before to now.

This website talks about poverty, inequality, and goes into detail about the many

issues that surround sports in society, even to this day. This source is reliable because

it gives me examples of movements now and before which is important for my topic.

Fierro, Nick. “Newsmaker: Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia Eagle and Social Activist.”  Themorningcall.com, 27 Oct. 2017, www.mcall.com/sports/football/eagles/mc-spt-newsmakes-eagles-malcolm-jenkins-20171028-story.html.

Because I follow the Philadelphia Eagles so much, I am very much aware of what the players do off the field too in the sense of creating awareness. Recently, we have been involved in separation and disagreements because of our new president. Because of how big social media has gotten, many NFL players have used this foundation to use their freedom of speech rights to dwell in on what’s being going on socially and politically throughout the country. As an African American, he’s doing something was rare back in time as stepping up as an advocate for change. He’s been protesting the national anthem as well as a protest of social justice and it’s working as it’s gotten the attention of players, fans, and even the president.  

History.com Staff. “Jackie Robinson.” History.com, A&E Television Networks, 2009, www.history.com/topics/black-history/jackie-robinson#.

Jackie Robinson being the first African American major league baseball player played

a huge role in not only sports, but the world period. This was a example of how a

minority was as good if not better than the majority, which in this case white people.

Racism played a huge role during the time he was at his peak in his baseball career.

His presence on the field created movements, awareness, and the inequality everyone

tended to live by during this time. This source is reliable because it provides me with

all the information on him so I could put my feet in his shoes and get his perspectives

on the environment he was living in.

JReidESPN. “How Colin Kaepernick Became a Cause for Activists, Civil Rights Groups and Others.” The Undefeated, The Undefeated, 22 Aug. 2017, www.theundefeated.com/features/how-colin-kaepernick-became-a-cause-for-activists-civil-rights-groups/.

Colin Kaepernick alongside of Malcolm Jenkins is another famous football player

that’s used his rights to create awareness on the social injustice for minorities.

However, Colin Kaepernick has a bigger foundation as he was the first one to take a

knee or sit during the national anthem. Unlike Malcolm Jenkins, Colin received more

heat. Some speculate it even lost him his quarterback position and is the reason he

can’t get a job opportunity now. Owners don’t want to deal with the negative

responses from their audience. The fear that the decision will cost them money but

lack of attention and there will be conflicted protests. This will be a good story to

include in my blog section of my website.

NationalGeographic. “Sports Gender Controversy - Bonus Scene | Gender Revolution.” YouTube, YouTube, 5 Feb. 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFFPcIcAUUs.

I found that website touched on the topic of international sports which gives me

another point of view of my topic. This source is important for my capstone because

it’s talks about another point of view on unfairness in sports. There has been many

cases when a girl is built or performs similar to

a male, her rewards are up for debate as she may be cheating, or a male that’s has an

unfair advantage playing in a women’s sports. Sometimes, it’s understandable as

people have been caught hiding behind their real gender for the glories behind

winning. But there have been other instances where women have been questioned for

being “too good” in their sport.   

“Progress and Inequality: Women's Sports and the Gender Gap.” CEHD Vision 2020, 3 Jan. 2018, cehdvision2020.umn.edu/blog/progress-inequality-womens-sports-gender-gap/.

This source is reliable because this will be the section where I include how things is

progressing in women sports, yet there is still room to improve. It speaks on the

discrimination in sports, specifically with being officials or females having coaching

jobs. It’s rare. Now that I think about it, this is one of my feminist aspects I can touch

on. The idea of a woman doing a “man’s” job, especially in a sport that’s mostly

played by men. This source allows me to touch on how females are looked at

compared to how male players are looked upon.    

Rubin, Mike. “Muhammad Ali: 4 Ways He Changed America.” Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone, 5 June 2016, www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/muhammad-ali-4-ways-he-changed-america-20160605.

During Muhammad Ali career, he became the people champ because he wasn’t afraid to use his voice and his hands back in time. Comparing this Jenkins and Colin, back in time it wasn’t rare for black stars to go against and create controversy. This was and still is one of the main difference of not only sports celebrities but the world now compared to them back in time. Freedom of speech for minority groups weren’t taken seriously or even listened but now minority groups have bigger representation. He created a reputation of cocky and better than many, which many people hated but also made people pay attention to his every move. This is where he used his popularity to create awareness on the issue of inequality and how he dealt with being black and great.

Walters, John. “A Lawsuit from the U.S. Women's Soccer Team Reveals Deeper Issues with Gender Equity in Sports.” Newsweek, 2 June 2016, www.newsweek.com/womens-soccer-suit-underscores-sports-gender-pay-gap-443137.

One major problem in sports when it comes to the difference of men and women in

sports is the pay rate. Some argue that there is the unfairness when it comes to the

WNBA and NBA for example. Women put as much effort and dedication into the

sport as men and attract as much attention as guys sometimes, compared to men they

are being paid change. In this source it talks about in this soccer tournament the

women were being paid much less than the men even though the girl’s game were

more competitive than the men’s competition. The men were even receiving extra pay

because of their performance and not the women.

guyjohn59. “Muhammad Ali - Racial Integration.” YouTube, YouTube, 9 July 2010, www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqiWFLsgVi4.

Touching back on Ali’s classic cockiness, it gave him the attention he needed to speak

on racial inequality. This source is reliable because I can include this video on my

website and use his quotes to prove me inquiry question to be true of sports being an

way of expressing social change. This source helped me get Muhammad Ali’s

perspective of the racism and inequality in sports and in the world during this time and

I can compare it to famous sports players like Malcolm Jenkins and Colin Kaepernick,

and this is where I can include the differences of responses from the people who have

the same goal and are advocates of social justice, yet in completely different times.