Rafi Hares Slide Presentation

Abuhena Hares

Working hard is something that is an everyday part of life. Its a basic cycle that I follow everyday. It can be abbreviated with the initials SWAG. Struggle, work hard, achieve, good job. These are very simple rules that I follow. I was once known as a procrastinator but owned up to my responsibilities to become a better person.

Struggling is key in my life because it helps me learn. Whether its school work or working at home. I always jump straight into my work so I can evaluate it and try again in case that I fail. If I didn’t struggle in my work then I wouldn’t learn anything from my mistakes. Working hard is the basic essential of my life. Its putting basic effort into everything I do. Putting in this basic effort shows that I take pride in my work and attempt to make it attemptable. Achieving is the byproduct of my hard work. Its when I get praise for helping around the house or writing an analytic essay the praise helps me work harder in the future. The good job part is my self reflection. I get to take a step back and understand how I did on my work and what I can do in the future. This is an infinite cycle that will be repeated forever and beyond time itself.

While presenting I learned that I need to be more formal with my speech. I must not say like or yeah as much. For my slide I also learned I should have a matching color scheme and make sure that the font are the same. The most important thing I learned is that positioning is key in advertising and that the order of words and pictures can change the flow and mood of the advertisement. 
Rafi Tech Slide (PDF)

Comments (4)

Adowa Mohamed (Student 2016)
Adowa Mohamed

I noticed how you focused on two colors which was a smart idea because it is less distracting to the person who is going to read. I also wonder why you didn't align the acronym "S-W-A-G", it would have been better and the acronym would have been noticed because the acronym is one of the important parts of the side so it should be made more noticeable. All in all this was a good slide and has been improved greatly. NICE WORK!

Gina Sorgentoni (Student 2016)
Gina Sorgentoni

I notice how you used a color scheme in your second slide. I wonder what your slide would have looked like if you didn't stick with a color scheme. What if you made your font larger and spaced out your text more.

Jacklyn Middleswarth (Student 2016)
Jacklyn Middleswarth

I like the changes you made so far, but I notice that everything is in a color scheme. I wonder how this slide would look if it had another color scheme What if you aligned the "S-W-A-G" acronym that way it's more appealing. Also what if you made your name bigger? That would made the slide more noticeable.