Rburenstein Milgram experiment

For the experiment on the man we watched in class, he started off questioning a lot of what was going on, but later on started to accept it. The “scientists” pressured him, which made him become more obedient and stop questioning their authority and his actions. At one point in the video the man is hesitant about pushing the button again, until the “scientists” tell the man that he is not responsible for anything that he is doing. After he is told that he isn’t responsible he presses the button somewhat quickly. Close to the end of the experiment the man is told that the test was really on his behavior, and is asked several questions. He starts to laugh uncomfortable to avoid answering some of these, or to try to make it seem like he didn’t do as bad of a thing as he feels.

            During the video the man protests shocking the other person, or asking a new question many times, and seems adamant on his decision. Almost every time the “scientists” are able to get him to go back and “shock” the other person by just talking to him and telling him what to do. I was surprised that the man would go back so many times, because he seemed ready to stop asking questions very early on, but continued because he was told to. The thing that surprised me the most was that after the person on the other side of the wall stopped yelling or making noise, the man didn’t show as much resistance until he finally decided to stop.