Readers Profile: Savannah Manns

Savannah only reads what she thinks is interesting to her. Something that blocks her from the busy and loud world around her. A book that lets her explore new things besides the things that she experience everyday. There are times where books fail to grab her attention and keep her in their world, so she decides to end their relationship together. She doesn’t like books that makes her sad and biographies, that talks about someone else’s life.

Her favorite childhood books that she still loves today would have to be “Gullible’s Troubles.” It’s a book that she loves until today because she can relate to it; she’s gullible. It’s also an interesting and funny book because the protagonist of the book believes in everything that’s everything he’s been told. Another book that she still loves is, “Goodnight moon,” in this bedtime story, the narrator said goodnight to. She said that the book is cute and it’s calming in a way that can help her sleep as a kid. Maybe even till now….

“Exploring Black Girl Magic,” that would be the title to Savannah Manns’ life. Why, you would ask? It’s because she want to be a better version of herself. Even though throughout her life she’s on a journey to finding the real Ms.Manns, in the black community, she’s found some magic in her. She grew up with a difficult situation in her family, but she’s getting there. As she goes on with her life, exploring the black girl magic in her, she’s also learning more and more about the world around her through the books she reads.