Reconstruction Era Visuals Project

I chose to do my visual on the different states with different Black Codes. Black Codes were laws in the southern states that restricted the freedom of black people. Even though, technically, they were already free, their freedom wasn't seen as such to the public. You could say it was revoked by society. This meant they were not truly free. The majority of the Black Codes were enacted by white people that still wanted to have a strong hold over the black population in some way. Some of the Black Codes put in place prevented black people from doing the simplest of things like gathering with their friends or entering another state, but other Black Codes were quite complex, such as drinking and smoking, or owning firearms. The southern states had many Black Codes they were not necessarily against blacks, but they preserved white people. Some Codes said that if white people participated in the riots and protested, they would not be arrested. My Piktochart is attempting to show that different states had different black codes which Codes were where. This Piktochart was created by my self and Kenna Barrett. We created it to show the different Black Codes. For clarification, the colors on the map of the United States are further represented on the Black Code description boxes below. Also,the states on the map are not divided by cities or towns, we were looking for way to show that some states had more Black Codes than other states.

I worked with Kenna so we share the visual.

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Nadia Green (Student 2018)
Nadia Green

I think it is interesting how you could be punished for such small acts. This makes me think that of how far we have come as a nation on gaining more freedom and equality. I wonder how many people were actually affected by the Black Codes?