Reconstruction Era Visuals Project ( Savannah Manns

Somethings that may not be clear are some of the captions, many of them may not be super specific when it comes to certain parts of reconstruction. They are very important for reconstruction and will help the  articles flow nicely. I feel as if that is the only thing that is actually  something that people will not understand.However I feel as my project is very clear ,I feel like my titles and pictures matter the most because that is what everyone will see first instead of the actual content of the article it self. When I chose to write about being free from the perspective of someone in that time. I feel like African Americans being free is a very large part of the reconstruction era and even in today's society . African American people on the reconstruction era were  very happy to be free after 500 years of being in enslaved, However they were entitled to being free but only in the eyes of some. That is why the question ¨ Were they Free ¨ is a large question in the era of reconstruction and maybe even the answer of why reconstruction failed. 

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Nadia Green (Student 2018)
Nadia Green

I think this is interesting because it shows how Blacks could only trust themselves. This makes me think of how history was every man for himself. I wonder if there can actually be freedom?