This is a small project that was done surrounding the issue of illegal domestic spying and what exactly caused the NSA (National Security Agency) to go from looking and tapping into calls coming from foreign countries to being able and going around tapping into any cellular device even emails on occasion looking for a "domestic threat". This is meant to give a brief inside into a specific piece of a bigger idea surrounding the privacy of the American People; this also goes against the 4th amendment which states that without a warrant appointed by a three-judge court a search a seizure can't be performed.

Why did you choose this topic?:

Me and my partner chose this project because it was something that we could relate to because we actually have all kinds of crazy electronics and we didn't think something like this could happen, i just think this is crazy period.

What did you like about this project? What was most challenging?

I liked how we actually went along with our project. We learned a lot just by doing our project and it made us realize that we got to be careful at all times when we're on a computer or a cell phone. It was very challenging when we we're looking for the exact points and information we could use so that it would be relevant to what we were trying to convey in our video, but other then that i believe that my partner and i did a great job on our project and we got things done successfully.

Describe the most interesting fact or event that you investigated.
The most interesting fact that we found was during one of the court cases the judge in the case went back to square one with one of the heads of the NSA asking him to briefly talk about what it was this was intended to do and in doing so never really denied the fact that they never asked for a warrant to be issued to tap into phones that weren't foreign

How could this project be improved?

I think that this project could be improved by showing more details and making our interviews longer and the video could've been longer as well.

Where did you run into trouble with the project?
We had trouble when we was trying to look for where exactly the different points and clips should be placed because we had so many to use and so many that went with each other, it was hard at times to actually pick out which clip would actually convey a message, there were so many good answers to our key but we had trouble trying to see if it was really good or not.

What went well with this project?

I thought that our interviews went well because we had so many different answers to our questions, i also thought the videos went good as well because even thought we didn't use a camera from school the videos still look like we did and they were clear and the sound was where we wanted it to be.

If you had it to do over, what would you change about your decisions or your process?
I really wouldn't change anything because i thought the interviews we did with a couple of students at school was really good and it was a good thing that we got to ask them what they thought about the whole problem because i already knew that some of the students was going to be surprised at the fact that we were being spied on, so it was good that we had that in our video.

What did you learn?

I learned about how the government has complete power to do whatever.