Our project was about school district funding it was done by Joe w, Mathew Walker, Vincent Russell and myself. We sort of did the project as a group but Joe and I did the website and Mathew and Vincent did the video but we turned it in as one big project.


One of the things that my group could not come up with was what part of the work each person was doing. First Vincent and I were suppose to do the video and the other two work on the website than later on Mathew said that he did not want to do the website and he wanted to do the video with Vincent. I did not know how to make a website so I did not want to make a website either but for some reason I decided at the end to do the website. Thank god Joe had a little experience with (website) so him and I were able to work on the site and we tried to have everything on it.


Our biggest problem was collaboration I feel like as a group we really didn’t collaboration a lot. Some time we will tell each person what they needed to do before the next day and when we get together again and when we ask did anyone do everything they were support to do, some of us be confuse and act like we did not know what were suppose to do. There was one time when Vincent and I try to get every one on the good doc and the others did not feel like getting on or they were to busy with other works.


I think we should have done our project three days before it was due so in that will we could have tell if people our really plying attention to it or not and is it effective or not. It was really hard to figure out if people will actually view our website