Reflection on Media Fluency

I have learned how I should research more before I go into a big project like this. I have learned of the rules of thirds, and how to clash certain colors and images into slides. This slide show the crashing of the waves creating a white spot to fit my text in. This allows me to have my text come out more with this vibrant red that in in the upper left on the rule of thirds line. It is very important to research a project. If you don't, then you won't be able to make a quality/exemplary project.
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Kayah Chisholm-McVay (Student 2020)
Kayah Chisholm-McVay

your slide shows meaning a yet also makes you really think about what that meaning really is. It is the text that you have displayed that makes your slide so unpredictable. your slide is not just straightforward and easy to understand. It is the kind of slide that make you think, and wonder, makes you want to know more about it and you. I think that is a really important to know how to do when advertising a slide about yourself or anything and you touched on that very well.