Reflection on Media Fluency

-Me-Kayah (2)

After getting feedback from my peers(including Miss Hull) I learned that my message was spot on and that it was a very powerful message I conveyed through my slide . It was just that I needed to make the message a bit more obvious, because some of my peers did not really catch on to the message through my slide. While some may have caught the message I still wanted to make my message more obvious to those who did not really catch it, because I can see where they would be coming from if I looked from their point of view when I had presented my first slide. I deleted the speech bubble with the writing because It was not really necessary to have and nobody could read the text anyway. I deleted a few pictures off of this slide because I had way too many pictures which made my slide distracting. I decided to change it to the format I have now because it fits better with the message I am trying to convey through this slide, and makes it more obvious to what my message is. I am really glad I decided to change what I changed and I think it may have helped in the beginning with my first slide if I had done the same research. It is really important to know exactly what you're doing. My slide turned out good the first time but I did not do any research while I was making it so it could have turned out better. I think if I had done the research the connection between the way I designed my slide and my message I was trying to convey could have connected together better the first time. Now given feedback, done research, and made changes I think both my slide and my message connect much better.

Comments (3)

Samera Baksh (Student 2020)
Samera Baksh

This slide looks very cool. I really like how there is a big book and there are pictures following the light. This is unique. This slide looks better than the first one because it is less cluttered. Good job!

Monie Duong (Student 2020)
Monie Duong

Your slide looks less cluttered after changing the arrangement of your pictures. I also believe that the changes you made made the message you're trying to portray more clear. Your reflection shows that you've really put a lot of thought into improving your slide.

Maya Kohl (Student 2020)
Maya Kohl

The images getting smaller and larger away from the book was a nice touch to your side you had a type of coffee colored theme to your slide and images in it and it goes well together. This was well put together and it expresses your likes clearly