Reflection Paper

This was a pretty cool project. Most of my groups project was collaborative because we didn’t really want to break it up a lot, but instead do it mostly collaboratively. But there were some portions that were individual of course. My individual role was to get statistics and find places that would let us interview a few people and getting my things for the fund raising bake sale. Other than that I contributed to everything else we did as a group like get the slogan, make questions to ask the homeless people, helped with the overall idea, went throughout the city to go to these places…etc. There was a lot that actually went into this project, and there were a lot of challenges, but some could have prevented I guess. The overall design was also collaborative, but the design of the website was Cece’s idea. We had a few challenges with getting the bake sale organized, getting our posters printed, and the biggest challenge was getting in contact with the places and actually getting to interview the homeless people. On one day we traveled all over center city for a couple of hours and had no success.  But in the end we managed to et everything together and present our final project. We also managed to get an interview with a homeless person. We all came together to make the success possible for the bake sale and for the time to go running around the city, and for getting everything we needed to get to make our project a success.