Reflection Perfection

 I did my you and the world project on animal abuse and neglect. I wish that I would have found a lot more because I did not find at much as I planned to find. One thing that I wish that would found is more information about factory farming because it came to me at the last minute and I did not have much time to work on it. Also, I wish I found at least eight topics on animal abuse because I only found at five topics. Another point that I to mention is that I want to know more about why animal abuse is not taken as seriously to most issues in the world today.

 My original research went bad but also good in a way. The reason why I say this is because my goal was to gather  how much my school knows about animals abuse. Instead, I gathered how much my school did not know about animals abuse because the majority of the people who took my survey failed. Although, I did find out how many people were not educated which informed me and that is a good thing. One that I would make change is the difficulty of my survey because it might of been to hard. Also, I would of interviewed someone who works at the ASPCA instead. I would of done this because now it seems more easier and informational than a survey.

I actually had more of an impact that I expected. I thought that nobody was going to bother to look and visit my website but instead a lot of people did and it educated them. Just look at my website blogs for example. I received comment that “It was a very informative website. Before entering this website I thought that animal abuse was simply just pet owners hitting/starving there pets. Now I am aware of the different types such as animal testing and circus abuse. In addition, I hoped for people to get educated and from my comments I learned that a lot of people did.