Reflection Tech "Me Mag" Slide!

After receiving the constructive criticism from my classmates and Ms.Hull I came to a few realizations. The challenge of the project is to be clear what I'm generally about in a very clear concise message be it through images and/or text. As well a big part in this is the color scheme making sure that everything flows together and is consistant so that  the product is both eye catching and that the audience focuses on the message without imperfections serving as distractions. I also learned that putting in an original piece can also help a lot too. As well the background image also has to follow the rules of design too and should be symetrical.

I basically started over completly. I decided that the first thing to address is simplicity so I made the background black.  Then I addressed my priorities in the billboard and went from there. For my unique piece I chose my name and added it with a priority:photography, so I edited and cut out my name from a photo . Then I edited and cropped out four other symbols representing multiple priorities and placed them where it seemed appropriate to fill in the space.
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