Rehab After Drugs and Alcohol [ The Longterm Save]

·      This section is basically about people who survive the addiction of drugs and alcohol, People

·      To be addicted it means to be controlled by something, something that pulls you in and doesn't let go.

·      Also being addicted allows the person to have mood swings and changes without that substance. Normally a regular person gets a high from a thrill. Now people get there high from drugs, these drugs tell the person/ make the person feel like they can't live without it. As if that drug is there high. Once a person gets there high from drugs and can't be happy without it they are now addicted. As weird as this may seem the person now believe that, that drug is their happiness and most people love their happiness.

·      When you are addicted to alcohol you become an alcoholic. The reson why this is bad because it allows the alcohol to seek it’s way into the brain and can cause serious head drama. With this you may lose memory/ thought of what’s going on.