Remix Slide(Vincent Cammisa)

​For the past few weeks we have been leaning about slide design and lately we have presented and received critique from classmates and Ms.Hull on what I can or could do to get our slide design to get better, not only for our current slides but as a life lesson for future slide presentations that will help us throughout our lifetime in education.

The changes that i took into consideration was mainly the extra stuff that were just hanging in random places around my slide. So for one I took tristan's idea and put a signature into my baseball and the most helpful which makes my slde a whole lots better is wrap the words around the image s the viewers can have one focus point throughout the slide. One source i used were my classmates as suggestions and two i used clipart, so that what what i changed.t helped e improve on y skills as a designer when it comes to creating a slide.

I think that this assignment was very beneficial ad it helped me improve on my skills as a designer when it comes to creating a slide. I belive in my future i see nice slides along with a well presentation to go with it all because this one assignment