Researching the Issue

Middle school athletic cuts have flown under the radar, besides one Philadelphia Inquirer article and the STARs Organization, there has been no attention on it. State legislators Mike O'Brien and Larry Farnese are both against the budget cuts. My opposition was mostly, Arlene Ackerman, who is no longer in power. Yet, the $1 million cut, was possibly the $1 million that Ackerman was paid to leave the district.

There has been no legislation written to fix this, mostly because it hasn't had any attention. If one is written it would most likely have to be done by a school district official. The stake holders are all the legislators that want to make a brighter future for Pennsylvania youth. I need to have Leroy D. Nunery II on my side if I want to have the budget cuts reversed. I honestly don't think anyone can oppose this, because the youth is the future and you see the obesity rates in the current generation of kids. The STARs organization, Sports Teaching and Reaching Students, is an organization that I can work with on this topic. The time frame for this is to fix the budget by August, so that it will be fixed for the 2012-2013 school year.