Revolution Guidebook Project

​In this unit of study in our World History Class, we studied various revolutions. We learned about the causes and conflicts of the french revolution, the impact of social media on the Arab Spring, and a bit about the ongoing Ukrainian Revolution. We asked and answered questions, such as "How do revolutions begin?" and "What methods do they use to succeed?". For our final project this quarter, we had to make a digital storybook about a question we had about revolutions.

For my digital storybook, I talked about the series of events that lead up to revolutions, which may include other revolutions. I asked "Does the impact of revolutions cause more problems than it solves?" I found no clear answer other than that revolutions start a chain of events that cannot be undone, and may lead to other revolutions. I talked about how todays events in Ukraine are part of the aftershock of the events of the Russian Revolution. Cause and Effect is the greatest force for change in the world, especially today.

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