Revolution Guidebook Project

In this history unit learning about revolutions. We talked about many ideas about how one starts a revolution, the certain causes of revolutions and different variables that go into making a revolution successful or it failing completely. We didn't just learn about one revolution in one certain time period but many different ones all through out history. We also learned different techniques on how to make a revolution stand out and let people speak their minds. 
One fascinating revolution we studied about is the French Revolution where King Louis the 15th, and Marie Antoinette led France into corruption and putting themselves over their own people. One method the third estate used is ambushing and mobbing different areas and using violence to show how they were treated unfairly. While this revolution used violence there are also many different ways to go about a revolution. Here   are 198 non violent actions that can involve a revolution. 
Whether you use violence or not, certain things can determine whether your revolution is a success or not. 

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