Revolution Guidebook Project

​During this Unit of World History my classmates and I have been learning all about the importance of revolutions. It is essential to know that our entire society has been molded by the outcomes of revolutions. We were just beginning to scrape the surface of this  when questions soon arose. Questions like "How do you create a successful revolution?" and  "Can a revolution be bad?" or even "What spreads awareness of an ongoing revolution to other parts of the world?" Naturally our class dove straight into an inquiry based curriculum to answer some of these questions. Our ending project for the Unit was to research a question of our choice and to then make a digital story. 
Below is the outcome of the digital story my partner and I created. Our story is based around the idea that in order to have a successful revolution you must spread awareness of your cause through the globe's population. Though that question came with many more. Also entailed in this digital story is the most effective way to get your thoughts and ideas across to such a great number of people while still changing the lives of so many. In the end it was obvious that my partner and I had answered all of our questions and had learned a great deal about the importance of revolutions. 

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Jasmin Gilliam (Student 2016)
Jasmin Gilliam

This was really good and the enthusiasm in your voices made it even more interesting to watch and I understood the clear point you were getting across. The images were just the right length and it wasn't too much or too little. Awesome job guys!