"RISE" By Reginald Simmons

My sister's name is Courtney Simmons. She's the first of our family to go to college -- certainly a high achievement. Along the way, we've both faced a lot of heavy stuff, stuff that has made the future look very grim, but she's finally made it. I'm very proud of her, and I hope you'll enjoy this short story. 

My sister is doing something that no one in our family has done before. For a while now she's had pretty solid plans about what she wants to do after high school. It really feels good for me knowing that she'll really be able to do them. There have been a few hardships that we've had to deal with, but now, things look pretty good. Success in the things we do has always been something greatly emphasized throughout both our lives. Surprisingly, the actual process of editing the video was very fun. It was cool to work with the computer program and make something that sounded nice. Nice to me, anyway. I did have to go through a few different programs though. Still enjoyable. But the absolute most enjoyable part of the project was talking with my sister. Of course, I knew all of these things already, but it's still really interesting to hear it again. To see how she feels about it, stuff like that. I would definitely gladly do something like this again. I don't really use computer editing/ moviemaking programs often, so naturally I was a little nervous about having to put together an entire fifteen-minute audio clip. But, after reading a few manuals and playing around on them a bit, I got the swing of it. This project has actually made me a little interested int he process. I'd say my greatest difficulty with this interview was coming up with questions that were serious, but not so serious that they produced convulsive sobbing. It went pretty well. 


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