Rosemary Flite

We started this project on perspective by sketching a horizontal line and putting in a vanishing point. We then made a box from on top of the point, under the point and connected each vertex to get a view on what perspective is. Then we started working on our rooms making sure everything was connected by the vanishing point and we had to measure everything down to a corresponding size.


The process we used was to make an equal rectangle somewhere in the middle of our paper and in the middle of that we put the vanishing point. From there we counted how many ceiling tiles and for example my wall have 12 so I made my bow length 24in and each time 2in. And drawn the lines every 2ins from the vanishing point. I did the same thing with the floor tiles but I did then every inch and then from the middle of the tiles I put about a 45-degree angle to the end of the tiles and at each intersection I crossed them. I then put the pillars in but making 2 lines, one thicker than the other and made the lines go into the ceiling and floor.


The things that were easy for me where tiles and pillars.


The things that were hard for me were the table, couch, and windows.

I think Michael completed the assignment well.

I this he did very well. It showed all his skills and looks like he tried very hard.