Sage Bellot Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to learn about the industry behind environmental science, while also giving back something to the place that helped me. This resulted in me creating a birdhouse for The Discovery Center at the Audubon of Philadelphia to create a home for the birds that migrate through their premises. While working at the Audubon I got to do several things, some of which included working the front desk, making the trail safe to travel, and shadowing an interview process for someone looking to work at the Audubon. This process taught me a lot about not only the environmental science business but also time management skills and working past/around the several roadblocks in my way. I also learned more building and engineering skills, especially skills that would be useful for doing things in my future.

The first link provided is my presentation which shows my work, and the second link is to my annotated bibliography which shows some sources I used/intended to use throughout my capstone process.