Saludos!!! How to greet someone in spanish!!!

In this lesson, you will learn how to greet someone is spanish and have a brief conversation with them.
Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 1.33.47 PM
Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 1.33.47 PM

In the case

 of "Como llamas", when using 'té llamas', you should speak to a person of a higher stature. (Ex; the President, a boss, a manager, ect.)

When using the term 'se llamas', you should usually be speaking to friends/family.

IMPORTANT; Remember not to get “mucho gusto” and “igualmente” mixed up, mucho gusto is always first.

When saying igualmente, it is pronounced exactly how it is spelled. Imagine saying Eagle and mint-e. Eaglement-e.

These are the basic terms you will need to know to start a conversation with someone, try with a friend and see how well you do.

Below is a link that will help you pronounce the words above.