Sam Lovett-Perkins Senior Capstone: Community Involvement Club

The purpose of a Capstone project is to express them sum of information and experiences I’ve learned from being a student at Science Leadership Academy. I hoped to incorporate that in my project, the formation of a service community organization called SLA: Community Involvement Club. The reasoning behind this project is due to the personal impact that volunteer work has had on my life and a lack of opportunity inside of SLA. I chose to take initiative and combine my personal interest with my school community. I was starting off of a foundation made by a previous service club, meaning club meetings once a week to teach about global, local, and social issues; these were in addition to monthly weekend service projects in Philadelphia. My duties as president and coordinator involved a large amount of networking to get speakers, presentations, finding service opportunities and create education lessons to teach members. I also recorded member hours offering The Presidents Volunteer Service Award for 100 hours over the course of the year. In the end I learned a lot about the job of a coordinator and how to plan events. Through the lessons I learned to interpret information and then find an engaging way to share it with others. We ended the year with 4 members receiving the Presidential Service Award and club members completing over 500 hours of service. List of sources that I used to assist me in this project can be found here. My Process paper can be found here listing my process and how it relates to SLA core values.