Samera Baksh Capstone

For my capstone, I created a website about jaw surgery. I am very interested in the dental field and this is the career path I will pursue in the future. I have a personal connection with jaw surgery which piqued my interests even more. I decided to create a website listing all of the information and research I did about jaw surgery. In my website, I included an overview of what is oral and maxillofacial surgery. This is key for people to have a better understanding of the field. I included brief descriptions about the benefits of jaw surgery and how it significantly improves the patient's quality of life. Risks and complications are very important to know because there are chances of them occurring. It was important for me to include patients before and after their facial structures because that is what jaw surgery impacts the most. Therefore, I reached out to people on the social media platform and requested to use their images. Next, on my website I included 3D graphic videos of how the surgery is completed. Lastly, the most important aspect to me, the psychological impact. I did a lot of research on understanding how jaw surgery affects the patients' mental health. Jaw surgery has a very positive effect on patients. I created this website to allow people all over the world who are interested in undergoing jaw surgery to have access to this information and understand how it works.

Capstone Annotated Bibliography (1)