Sasha's Q1BM reflection

​I did the position paper, and here is where you can access it: 

1. We did decision making in our group by trying to find out what interested us all, and figuring out how we could accomplish it. We at first decided if we wanted to make a change based on who it affects: basically, we had first decided upon where we wanted to target our change. At first, we wanted to make a mandatory class that was based upon voting and its importance but than we found out that it was unconstitutional. Then, Ms. Lauf helped us with the idea of voting age instead. We went with changing the voting age to 16 because of the place in society that 16 year olds have.

2. The role if the individual creating and making change is perhaps that most important thing in the world. It is what starts revolutions and inspiration for others to do the same. It is also a symbol of courage and also the role leadership. It takes someone who is strong enough to see their ideas through and tor want to stand up against anyone who opposes them. Also, it is also seeing yourself relative to the world. At times, we may just seem like another number on the demographic, but we have power like if we really try.                     

3. My understanding of these matters have evolved in a way that I now view the US differently. I now see that while the voting process isn't really complicated at all, I see that the way that we decide who votes is a bit skewed. We don't 16 year olds vote even though they pay taxes, and they are punished as adults though they don't get the rights as so.  

4. I decided to market my position paper mainly by using a guilt tactic. I stated every reason as to why 16 years olds should be voting, but reminded the reader that they are not. Also, I used language that was fairly uncomplicated and could be understood by middle school students at least. Using this universal language gets the point across better, and hopefully more effectively.