Savannah Manns: Capstone

​My capstone was the black girls can conference. I designed this conference to be a place where young African American women come to see positive role models, learn about opportunities in Philadelphia for you and talk about things like microaggressions, the professional world, self-care, healthy relationships and much more. I got this idea because when I was younger I went to a conference where I saw women much older than me at the time doing amazing things and that changed my life. I decided that I wanted to empower and uplift young women because of representation matters. On April 7th I made this long time dream come true at SLA. I was able to make this possible with the support of the amazing staff at SLA and the amazing staff at SLA. I think it was really helpful to the very few young ladies that were in attendance. We had great conversation, amazing food and as a whole, we grew in ourselves as well as with the ladies around us. There were a lot of things that I wish I could have changed, one of them being the attendance. Although that was one of the things that are not 100 percent up to me however I wish I could have done more to promote or promote people to come out for a great cause. Even some things didn't work out the way I wanted. I hope that I inspired the young ladies who were there to be themselves and know that they can do absolutely anything they put their minds to. 


This source is about a STEM conference for young women. This is a important source for me because My capstone does not have a specific topic, this source helped me to look more at how the girls were interacting with each other and what their sessions looked like. This source also helped me see what   the graded level was and how the interaction goes. I know for the conference that I am hosting  I do not want it to be a cliquey interaction via each grade level.

This source is about 3 different ways that you can get young women interested in STEM. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was “changing the conversation”.  This is important because when approaching the girls at the conference, we do not want to come off as if we are forcing them to do it. It also said a lot about placing emphasis on tech role models and women in technology. This helps me to find  out if I want a keynote or not and is so who I want it to be. \

This is an important source because it gives amazing tips on how to start a conference. This is a really great source because it is from Tedx which is a really great  show and they've been doing this for years. Tips from tedx will definitely help me with everything as far as planning goes.

This source is from a Summit that I’ve been going to since i was 11. This is important because I want to model my summit off of this one, and implement some of their values in to my own summit/ conference. There are lots of different  ways that I could go about this, and this summitt is one of those ways. I think that this source will help to create bios, list sessions and plan things overall. 


This source is a PDF book all about creating a successful  conference. It gives tips on creating a budget, establishing a committee, registration, speakers etc. This is important because before I go into the braskem pitch I will need a budget and a way that I can explain  my Idea clearly and thoroughly. I will use this  source the most out off all of them because of how informative it is.

This source is a place where i can find young speakers. This is helpful because I can request free quotes, and learn more about them from their bios. This is important because I am looking for a keynote or multiple speakers at this event, specifically empowering speakers. This source will help me find these people.

This source is from the PA women's conference which I attended in October. That conference in itself  is a source. This is a list of all of the speakers. Although most of the speakers I may have to pay for them, the wesboste and the process is what I would like to model my conference off of.  This source is helpful because I get to see the program descriptions etc. 

This source is an article about the focus on poverty in American schools. This source talks a lot about the poverty rate of students in schools and what the schools are like in impoverished neighborhoods. Over all this helps me to understand the environment that some students go to school in and live in.  This is important when I create break out sessions.

This source is a list of high schools in Philadelphia , this will help me when picking out students from each school and call in counselors etc.
 This source is about making a budget for an event, how to do it and the do's and don'ts of doing it. This will help prepare for pitch night with braskem.