Scandium Print


  1. My Element is Scandium. Its ATN is 21

  2. Scandium was discovered by Lars F. Nilson in 1879, in Uppsala, Sweden.He extracted it from euxenite, a complex mineral containing eight metal oxides. He had already extracted erbium oxide from euxenite, and from this oxide he obtained ytterbium oxide and then another oxide of a lighter element whose atomic spectrum showed it to be an unknown metal. Scandium is mainly used for research purposes.  An aluminium-scandium alloy has been used in Russian MIG fighter planes, high-end bicycle frames and baseball bats.

  3. As I was reading about it they said my element was hard to find and that they had to scavenge for it and when I hear the word scavenge I think of the bird scavenger, better known as the Vulture.

  4. I first drew different versions of my vulture and picked the best one. Next I redrew it but on a bigger scale. After that I got transparent paper and traced over it.(there’s a lot of drawing and tracing) Then  using the transparent paper I traced my print backwards on an impressionable piece of material. Finally I got some paint and rolled it onto my impressionable material and stamped it onto a piece of paper.

  5. If I could do this differently I would have made a more detailed vulture and used different colors.

  6. I enjoyed drawing out my ideas. It gave me a chance to use my imagination.