School budget cuts are real, and they're happening now

     During these next few weeks I'll be blogging about the budget cut happening across the district, how they'll effect our school, and what we should do about it. I want to stay informed, and you can too by keeping up with this blog.
     Next year 16% of school district employees will be laid off. The school district won't be offering trans-passes for the students who use SEPTA to get to school in the morning. And on top of that kindergarten will be a half day program in many district schools.
     Why are these services, the most basic things a district should offer being cut? There are certainly other ineffective programs that should be cut before all this.
     The budget cuts aren't all due to the huge deficit in the district budget, the blame can also be laid on the shoulders of Governor Corbett who has proposed a 1.1 billion dollar cut from schools to help fund state prisons. Should this stand? Can we let Corbett get away with cutting school programs to fund prisons? Doing this will fill prisons with drop outs who don't stay in school due to those cuts.
I encourage you to spread the word about this issue, to save the education of the Philadelphia youth.