School District Closing - Process Paper

For the most part, I really liked this project because it was fun and I had a lot of wiggle room. I was allowed to promote and spread my word, something I never got to do before. I always wanted to show the world what I care about in life. What I think is important and I got the chance to do that with this project. I got the chance to promote my own work, something that I helped put together and that was great.

But I’m not going to make it seem as though it was a easy thing to do. There was days that I stressed out about whether people would like our page, videos and view our website. I was worried that my friends would ignore it because they thought it was spam or that I was being weird. I guess I’m always that one person who worries about what other people have to say about me. By me stressing out about that, I started to feel as though I was bringing my group down because I didn’t have any faith.

If I would have been more supportive and had positive thoughts, I might could’ve been able to promote our stuff even more. Another thing I did was set our campaign on a pedestal and when we failed to reach, I felt bad. My expectations were way too high and I didn’t realize that until we got results. But the results are still good whether we reached my expectations or not.

Overall, I managed to get our campaign out there to people who I know will help promote it. And by me doing that, it raised my spirits as well as my group mates. Now I know what that big numbers and views doesn’t happen over night. And that it takes more than two weeks to get a campaign well known. But this was a great project because it taught me patience is key and not to get big headed with things. We all was able to set goals and reach them. And I think we as a group did a spectacular good with our campaign.