School District Research: Final Post

First off, this is the final blog post I will be making during my research of the school districts budget cuts.
Next, a bit of bad news. The School District of Philadelphia has confirmed that transpasses will not be provided as a service next year. Meaning that families should plan ahead to carpool or invest in a monthly transpass for their children. On top of that, the District has said that they will be letting go of security in some schools, even with all the violence that is still present, or would be present without them. This is just another example of the School District cutting a priority service that will change the face of education in our city.
     The Philadelphia School District has decided to cut full meals, arts, music, gifted programs. But don't worry, there are some things that will get bigger next year, class sizes and number of students assigned to councilors to name two.
     Most of this isn't final, so there is still hope. In order to convince the District to spare security, nurses, transportation, and the art; write to Arlene Ackerman and others associated with the school district telling them that what they are suggesting would damage the district badly, ask them to try to find a solution that won't hurt the students to the extent that this plan would.
     Remember though, the 627 million dollar budget gap won't disappear with easy cuts. We will be hurt, but there must be an easier solution.