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My land area network is connected to everyone within a two block raduis from my house, which is really inconvient, and the reason why my internet is so slow. for some reason, I also don't have wifi at all, so I need to use my neighbors. Cavalier is probably not my favorite internet providers; so I would have to say that if I had my choice I would switch to Verizon. It is really fast, reliable, and it is private- you do not have to share your connection, as apposed to Cavalier. 

On my land line I have both my phone and internet. So whenever you use the house phone the internet stops working, and for some reason java never works on my computer; even though it has been installed three times;so that is a problem.

All in all my internet/phone sevrvice is alright, it could be better; but it could be worse.

An OMG moment was when I figured out that Reseting the modem isn't going to fix everything. An LOL moment was when I noticed how simply complicated the process of getting the internet was.                                                   

Some advice to people who know nothing about the internet I would say; if nothing is loading don't keep clicking it over and over- That makes it load SLOWER!!

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