Sci Fi Story

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Matthew Yemola (Student 2018)
Matthew Yemola

I liked your new world a lot and liked that you tackled creating a whole group of new technologies. I thought the story itself was an original concept and I liked how you tried to tackle it.

Harrison Wellner (Student 2018)
Harrison Wellner

Very interesting read, and not a topic I expected to see in these. Overall, it was well written and the Science Fiction element was integrated perfectly with the rest of the story. It's interesting to think about robot prostitution, and how the concept of cheating would develop around that.

Lotus Shareef-Trudeau (Student 2018)
Lotus Shareef-Trudeau

Sopheary, I think you constructed your world very well and thoroughly. You added so much new technology that just all flows seamlessly into the story which is so impressive to me. Your sci-fi elements work very well in the story and the concept as a whole I think is really cool and well thought out. Great job!