Science fiction story

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Kawthar Hasan (Student 2018)
Kawthar Hasan

I thought this story was overall interesting you made it unique by the kind of characters that were involved in drug activity that you wouldn't expect like the sheriff. Keep up the good work.

Charles Velazquez (Student 2018)
Charles Velazquez

I really enjoyed reading your story, the Sci-fi element was simple but interesting. I like the pacing of the story, it did not give us everything at once. The ending was unexpected and wrapped up the story nicely. Good job

Sopheary Sok (Student 2018)
Sopheary Sok

Your story had me engaged the whole time. I liked the vibe of two sad junkies living in a screwed up world stealing drugs to get by every day. The sci-fi part worked. It was different because I feel like everything that happened could actually happen now, like there was no new technology like robots or anything added.

Nadia Green (Student 2018)
Nadia Green

I think that the story was interesting. I liked that it was different and kept me wondering what else was going to happen. I think that the sci fi was done well. Overall good story