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Airhead has the best candy commercial. The commercial is very effective because…..(why is it effective other than than that it’s cool and sweet, why is it cool and sweet)

Commercials and newspaper ads captivate the public's attention. These methods of advertising attracts people like magnets to buy the products being advertised.   IT doesn’t have to to depend on age, something that attract the public attention or it can be how cool the product is and does have to do with the strategies the company are using to advertise their products in effective way.

For all of these reasons, Airhead is the best candy brand commercial is effective at advertising because it cool and sweet.

Perfetti Van Melle, the company that owns Airhead influences consumers the best when advertising because...This industry is an interesting one because it came from a italian company that manufactured air head,who ever know it came from the italian because italy is pretty famous one of their cool things like taffy candy,this information is relevant it relate to how ad advertising strategy will just make its way to people's attention by unique background.  

In a 2007 Airhead commercial, the kids ate different colored airheads. Once the kids ate the candy there head’s expanded like a balloon and changed to the color of candy they ate.

The video attracted  kids to make everyone run to the airhead companies and buy piece of candy of that brand.“In this airhead ad, the use of effectiveness the air head and make everyone run to the airhead companies and buy piece of candy of that brand. here are the reasons why.

  • Kids think the candy is cool because of the unique visual color and balloon

  • Think it sweet because of the different flavor

  • Buying this candy make kids think their cool and not boring

By their effectiveness which people used technology to broadcast this commercial air head ad was powerful and make airhead successful candy,this support the thesis because it influence people mind and advertisement to public notice make them buy the ad.

Third other people age and health the company can use that as a strategy to attract people to buy their product because that people will be interest if have effect.  for example. “According to the website, Eating candy is one of the simple pleasures of life. Gummy or hard, sweet or sour, it’s hard to eat candy without cracking a smile. Whether you go to a candy shop or just down to the local bodega, there are bound to be tons of candy products lining the shelves. There are so many nowadays it can actually be a pretty daunting task choosing just one! And if you’re looking to keep your candy vegan – meaning no animal-derived ingredients like gelatin, carmine, or dairy”This information shows that their advertising skill is good and simple that make people attract it because candy is part our life to eat and they make if you can eat in meat product or if you are vegan to eat in vegan version.

This topic is relevant because commercial and advertisement stand out to people as attracting like manget make people to buy more of their stuff and it has huge impact multiple industry of company and products varying attracting in view of eyes.  

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Siani Davis (Student 2018)
Siani Davis

You chose to write about a very interesting topic, though next time make sure you re-read over what you wrote because there are a lot of grammar mistakes present throughout. Additionally, you chose to include bulleted points in your 2fer which is not proper so next time just take away those bullet points and everything will be formatted correctly.

Tarleton Williams (Student 2018)
Tarleton Williams

This expanded my thinking because it showed me just how important little aspects of advertisements can be to a company and their revenue. Now I see that showing kids a variety of colors and flavors all in one commercial can really make them want the candy.