SCOTUS Case: Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. EEOC

The question of this case is, if ministerial exception applies not only to ministers, but teachers that teach at a religious school.

Cheryl Perich had filed a lawsuit against the church and the school for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. She was fired after she became sick in 2004. After a few months, she felt better and was able to work. But when the school urged her to resign, she refused to. So, they fired her.

The representatives believed that ministerial exception, which is under the first amendment in the Constitution, should apply in their case. Ministerial exception is basically gives religions certain rights to control employment matters without the courts interfering.

The funny thing about this case is that, Perich was not a minister. She was offered to be one, but she wasn’t. Also, she wasn’t teaching in a religious nature.

My original thoughts before the case was that, ministerial exception probably wouldn't matter, because as I have read that Perich was not a minister. So, I believed that it wouldn't count towards her. And I also thought that she wasn't hired by the church. And what it turns out to be, ministerial exception didn't apply at all.