The slide I created represents me in many ways. The white-value of the letters in the top right corner spell out my name. The visual theme is practically me. The picture that bleeds off the right side is the softball field. I made this decision by putting the field on the slide because softball isn't just a hobby I have, it's more like showing how hardworking I am. I put dedication into the game. I want to actually maybe play for the school. I left empty space so my billboard wasn’t too cluttered. I also had a photo, which bleeds of the side, of an Iphone. I put this there because not only do i have one, it sorta represents me. I have everything about on my phone, Such as all my friends, all my pictures, all my contacts, all my everything pretty much. I wouldn’t be same without it..
tech slide #1, Payton McQulikin  (1)