Sean Force Capstone

Topic/Focus: Computer Science in the terms of the language of Scratch

I am interested in going into field of Computer Science in my life.  Which specific aspects of it as of right now I’m not sure whether it might be more web engineering focused, more aimed towards game/application development, or maybe through my life experiences it may even shift more towards teaching it in a school setting.  During my freshmen and sophomore years I had already worked a decent amount with Scratch both learning and mentoring in the subject in order to learn more about it.  And I would like to continue doing that to learn more about programming for later in life.

Product: Teaching a mini-course over at SLAB to a few of the freshmen

The project that I had envisioned doing was one where I create an intro mini course that I then teach to the a few freshmen over at SLAB.  At the beginning of the course I would have them fill out a quick survey on the first day to see how they feel about their knowledge on the subject before anything happens and then they would fill out the survey again at the end of the course to see how they feel about their knowledge at the end and I would try to gage my job based on that.  During the course of the time there I would like to shape it much like the way that the people taught me scratch shaped it wherein we spent a few days learning scratch and then made some projects on it.

A link to my lesson plans can be found here.

A link to the gallery where their projects were posted can be found here.

In the interest of not making my post take up the whole page my bibliography can be found here.