Semaj Smith Five Point Framework Benchmark

The countries that I selected for this project were Kazakhstan and Algeria because those are the two countries that I have been working closely with all semester. My process for this benchmark was a little all over the place. I took a little bit of design from every example given to us and from those examples I made my own presentation. I used links and photos to try to relay my points and messages in the best way and I just pieced together information as I found it. 

I think that the five point framework was very easy and straight forward for the most part. The only perplexing point that I came across was "Society's response to it's environment" because there aren't many people in these countries that get the opportunity to speak up so finding their actual opinions and reactions is very difficult. I felt like I needed to research the environment and the people and piece together the reactions of the people. 

If I were to change something about my project it would be the design and some of the depth in my points. Some of my points I think could have been a little stronger and I feel like my design aspect of this benchmark didn't meet my usual designs. I think that had I thought harder and tried to be more creative my design would have been way better. Although this benchmark was tedious I enjoyed putting it all together.