“Williams Paredes" “Pahomov English II” 24 September 2018 SEPTA It was my first day as a freshman at my new school, I thought that everything was going to be fine and that my mother would pick me up “at the end of the day.” An hour into school my mother texted me and said: “put the house address on your phone.” She told me that the teacher was going to give me a trans-pass to get home so everything was going to be fine. Right, when I got my trans-pass I got on my phone and typed the home address. It was going to take at least an 1 hour and 30 minutes to get home. As the day was ending, I was scared to ask somebody for help, until I made a friend. “I tried to ask him at lunch but didn’t want to ask him in front of everyone because I didn’t want to look stupid. Then I got scared, “what if I get lost and have nobody to help me get home, I“eventually,” asked my new friends “and,” everyone around asked, “Have you never taken the train before?” “No.” One girl said, “I take the same train so we can go together if you want” “yes.” This day might have to be a nightmare because I really didn’t know what I was doing, So I was scared. When my I was in my last class, the girl came up to me and said, “she has to go somewhere else so she didn’t have time to go with you.” My heart started to get scared and she said I’m sorry. When I went to my advisory class, I got my trespass. When I was walking with my friend to the trolly, he said, “s that your friend from your old school?” “Yes” “Why don't you go with her?” “Ok.”When I got to the trolly when I was passing the card was back because I have never used one so when the trolly guy was looking at me he got mad and said that’s the wrong way and hurry up. As everyone in the back was looking at me my face got to read and I just wanted to hurry up and cover my face up so nobody would know who I was. When I got off the trolley at 15 street,I had to switch to a trail. When I got onto it, it was filled so it was hard to get inside because everyone was leaving school at the same time and there work. When I got on the train everyone was pushing into each other as if they were trying to get home as fast as possible. It took 6 stops to get a sit on the train, as I was on the train I all type of people of different race, I was uncountable a little because I didn't know the person next to me and all that was going through my head was am I making the person uncomfortable because I was sitting there. When I got to my train stop, I Had to take out my trans-pass and phone to pay for the bus and, to know what bus to take. The bus told me that I should that the 58 because it was faster to get there. It took 30 minutes to get to my house by bus, There was a lot of people on the bus that was on their phones watching youtube. When I got home my mom and dad were happy because they didn’t think I was going to do it by myself. I also think that everyone can learn whatever they want if they put there mind into it, also if you can’t do something you should get help from someone.

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Tyler Carter (Student 2021)
Tyler Carter

Nice job on the story the same thing happened to me and instead of taking the train I take the trolley to west Philly and I was not scared as you because it takes only 15 mins to get home but it depends on how long will the trolley get to 22nd st. you missed spelled trolley but other hand you did great.

Abel Solomon (Student 2021)
Abel Solomon

You did a great job of using anecdotes. You provided backstory to the best of your ability because it might be a tad bit difficult to find the right spot for backstory in a story like this. I was moved when you were talking about how nervous you were on your first time on the train and the bus because that's relatable for many of us.