Session #2

Group Members Present: Jalen S. Robbie M. Sarybel M. Rose K.

What your book club discussed:

This session we talked about chapters 4,5&6

How you discussed it:

In the last session we realized how important it was to right done things that stuck out to us so that we would have things to distinctly talk about. We also followed the same format as we did previously of talking chapter by chapter so that we could easily follow. This time we also tied in outside articles as examples of what the book had been talking about.

Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion:

Even though some points that were made were more controversial than last time, there was still overall agreement. We all talked about while creating misleading graphs is clever and all for the business it is tough for the consumers. The point was made that it seems to be worse for it to be made for government than for food or toothpaste advertisements. This point could have been disagreed on but overall everyone was on the same page. 

Questions that came up as a result of the discussion:

At one point Jalen brought up a good questions about whether or not it was ok to change the y-axis on the graph and fabricating statements by adding adjectives was really a situation that no one could pin something on you and have that be ok. 

* We will add the links to the articles once we have them all. 

Iphone Sales:



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Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Very good podcast (but you did not respond to the question I posted last time). I would still like to hear Robbie and Jalen more. Sarybel found a very good graph, and I think I found Jalen's graph online, but a link wasn't provided. No questions for next time.