Session #3

Session #3-Mp3

Group Members Present: Jalen S. Robbie M. Sarybel M. Rose K.

What your book club discussed:

This session we talked about chapters 7,8,9&10

How you discussed it:

We continued to do what we had been doing. We chose to pull out important things from the text. This time we also tried to connect outside examples alongside the ones given in the book. We also talked more about how we felt about the chapters as a whole. 

Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion:

Again we all were pretty much on the same page about everything that we talked about.

Questions that came up as a result of the discussion:

We really wanted to know if there were more clear ways for us to know if people are lying then what the author said. It seemed that a lot of the times he was talking in a way that a statistician would but not an everyday consumer. We were wondering if there could have been more clear ways for people who don't know statistics to figure out the truth. 

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