Session 1

​Group Members Present: Jalen S., Robbie M., Sarybel M. Rose K
What your book club discussed:
We all talked about the first four chapters of the book.
How you discussed it:
While reading the book individually we all wrote down things that stuck out to us. Once it came time for us to discuss the books we all were able to share questions or things we found interesting. As far as the format we thought it would be easiest to follow for us and the listeners to go chapter by chapter. Once we had acknowledged the chapter we were discussing someone would share an interesting point and we would go back and forth on things we agreed with and how the book brought in examples to support the thought. 
Any points of conflict/disagreement in discussion:
At this point in the book there is not to much controversy so it was pretty easy for us to all be in agreement. 
Questions that came up as a result of the discussion:
As a group we all are wondering about how there could be some sort of regulation in how advertisements and really anywhere uses statistics. Sort of finding a way to keep people accountable and really speaking the complete truth and not tricking people. 


Comments (2)

Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

When discussing chapters 3 (if you discuss it more in a future podcast), 5, or 6, incorporate the following article into your discussion:

Also, each member of your group should find an article online containing a misleading graph and discuss it during the podcast (be sure to talk about why it’s misleading!). Be sure to include a link to all articles in the text of your post of the podcast that corresponds to chapters 3, 5, or 6.

Mark Miles (Teacher)
Mark Miles

Really great discussion! But it seemed like Jalen kind of went missing, and it was also a little hard to hear. Also, please don't make me download your next podcast. For next time, please respond to the following prompt:

  1. Choose one of the quotations inside the front cover and discuss how it relates to the Introduction.