Sexual child abuse and the NAMBLA.

​So the last time we left we where talking about Physically abuse and sexual abuse. This time we will talk about sexual and the organization NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

What I will talk about first is the NAMBLA organization. This organization is working on abolishing age of consent law criminalizing adult sexual contact with minors. It maybe good for somethings but I think that this is a very bad idea. Basically what they are thing to make people think is that sex with children/minors is not harmful at all.

The next one is about several different stories of sexual child abuse. This one topic is very well known world wide. There are so many stories but the ones that I will be talking about is about a girl that is now an adult but when she was little her step-father sexually abused her, the second one is about two brothers that had a good friend for sometime until that friend was sexually abuse both of them.

First story: This story is about a woman that when she was very young her step-father started sexually abusing her. It started one day when her mom was out of the house "(it always happens when she is away)" she was about ten years old, she just got into the house after playing outside. After she came in the house her "step-father" told her that he needed to check her for supposed "ticks." So she didn't think anything of it. he took her in to the bathroom, made her undress and then told her to spread her legs. He told her that he needed to check her all over; meaning her vagina. To her is felt like he was touching her for hours, "it was very horrible" She said. He just kept touching her vagina, and kept repeating that he was looking for ticks. To this day she still feels physically sick when she would thing about what he click here.
Second story: This is called " The story of Justin and Matthiew
Wilke" If you wish to read because we are out of time click here.